It just hard for us to wrap our heads around people worrying

You use the word slander, but it can only surmount to such under very narrow definitions within the legal code. Kavanaugh wasn slandered, he was accused. They only evidence he provided did not agree with his verbal statement. "educational costs of having a bunch of illiterate non English speaking illegal immigrants increasing our class sizes and teacher burdens put on the system" lol. So basically, you just hate anyone that doesn speak english? Amirite? Cause illegal immigrants can go to elementary/high school, unless they have fake papers. Which a child is very unlikely to have.

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fake hermes belt women's If you new to Veganism or just interested, welcome! Feel free to subscribe to /r/Vegan and get familiar with the resources on the sidebar and the community at large. Other useful subreddits include: /r/VeganFitness, /r/VeganRecipes, /r/VeganCircleJerk, and /r/VeganActivism. We also have a Discord!EVERYONE AGREES: World largest Health, Nutrition and Dietary organizations unanimously agree: plant based diets are as healthy or healthier than meat. fake hermes belt women's

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