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cheap canada goose (Canadian Museum of Nature.)Obed says he hopes the new gallery will dispel stereotypes and simplistic ideas of the north."It isn't just snow and ice, and it isn't just iconic animals like polar bears and beluga whales."Canada Goose, the well known parka company, paid $1.5 million for the naming rights for the museum's new Arctic Gallery for 10 years.The new exhibition space will take over the top floor of the building and feature an expansive and interactive overview of the vast northern landscape canada goose, its ecosystem and rich social fabric. It will also address the escalating climate change facing the region.The gallery is slated to open June 21, 2017, as part of the Canada 150 celebrations.A look at the design for a climate exhibition space in the new Canada Goose Arctic Gallery at the Canadian Museum of Nature. (Canadian Museum of Nature)'Can't wait for it to open'With its dinosaurs and insect collection, the Canadian Museum of Nature is typically crowded with families of young children.The fact that young people experience the Arctic story from an Inuit perspective, really excites Obed."I can't wait for it to open," said Obed cheap canada goose.

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