To mix the record with [engineer] Rob Schnapf

Since the recording of this album, there were a few friends that had passed. To mix the record with [engineer] Rob Schnapf. I was in a cab before I went, like the week before I went. And they had been frozen, and freezing is one of the instant responses to the impact of the meteorite because it hits the Earth, it drills into the crust, it blasts about out a huge amount of dust, carrying the iridium that comes from the vaporised meteorite or asteroid, and that layer of dust was thick enough to encircle the entire Earth, black out the Sun, and of course that has the effect of removing light but also removing heat. So we knew that there had been sharp freezing while the ash was lofted in the stratosphere, and obviously photosynthesis ceased for weeks or months. But the freezing was the thing, and there you are, that's a perfect example of what geologists called uniformitarianism, which is assuming that the laws of nature are pretty uniform.

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